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they're glad the case has been cracked. >> we believe very, very strongly in the u.s. justice system, and we are going to let the justice system prevail. >> reporter: detectives say after norwood killed murray she tied herself up telling dectds that two masked men robbed and raped them. >> norwood remains bailed. >>> we have four more shootings to report. the first happened near bel air and frank ford avenue. a man was shot in the back. a second man was shot in the foot on elmly avenue. everyone survived much the police commissioner is vowing to increase pressure throughout this city. >>> another maryland marine was killed in afghanistan. staff sergeant jimmy malachowski was killed by an ied. the 25-year-old from west machinester had previously served op the rifle team. his sister and mother also served in the military. >>> the night sky was lit up in libya with hasn't aircraft fire as moammar gadhafi's forces are being weakened. the focus is shifting to the no-fly zone. defense secretary robert gates said the u.s. military role should lessen in coming days. meanwhile, the president
belong to al-qaeda. >>> and u.s. supreme court justice skeela has been ticketed for causing an accident along the george washington parkway. the 75-year-old was on his way to the high court when he rear ended the car in front of him setting off a chain reaction. >>> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will unveil her budgets today. in it, there's 8% less spending for the year of 2012. some of the cuts include reduced funding for the 311 center. the document doesn't include tax increases. >>> there's a surprise for cavaliers fans. opening lineups are announced for the heat. lebron james doesn't appear. >> lebron james. [crowd booing] >> lebron james was in the bathroom. the calvs got the last laugh. the heat lost. 102-90. >>> the orioles finished up spring chaining and broke records doing so. more than 115,000 fans finished up at a renovated smith stadium. ed smith stadium hosted ten sellouts. a average attendance was 70,200,019. that's a lot. >>> and the oriole's home opener is this monday. our special pregame coverage starts at 2:00 and stick around for the game itself. a full day of oriol
nuclear reactors continue to heat up. the u.s. is ordering people who live within 50 miles of the plant to evacuate or stay indoors, twice the dangerous zone reported by the japanese. here's charlie d'agata. >> reporter: military helicopters launched an all out water assault pan japan's crippled nuclear power plant. crews are racing to finish a new power line that could restore crucial water pumps, the best option to cool dangerously hot reactors and prevent a nuclear meltdown. >> my confidence is eroded because of this continual almost daily degradation of the structure they have there. >> reporter: the facility has been plagued by a series of explosions and fires sense last week's earthquake and tsunami knocked out power. newly released images shows the damage to reactor four. japan is denying u.s. claims that same reactor has no more water in the spent fuel pools, meaning there's nothing to keep the fuel rods from melting down. >> we believe radiation levels are extremely high which could impact the ability to take corrective measures. >> reporter: the u.s. is urging all americans to
. the u.s. supreme court issue as controversial ruling saying a church does have the right to picket military funerals. gigi barnett has more on its impact. >> reporter: good morning. it is the kind of verdict the family of fallen soldier matthew snyder did not expect to hear, especially on the five-year anniversary of his death. >> my first thought was eight justices don't have the common sense god gave a goat. >> reporter: speaking out against supreme court justices who struck down his lawsuit against the westboro baptist church. church members protested at his son's matthew's funeral. >> we can no long or bury our dead with dignity. >> reporter: matthew died five years ago while fighting in iraq. a small group stood 1,000 feet away from the funeral in westminster. >> god hates america. >> reporter: westboro baptist church believes military deaths are god's punishment for america's acceptance of homosexuality. in the wake of the ruling, the church plans to quadruple the picketing pooh soldiers are dying for the sins of this nation. you've got to put away your sins, mourn for your s
the special live coverage that avenue. >> now, next up on wjz-13: >> reporter: the u.s. will continue attacks on libya handing over the partial control to nato. i'm in washington, that story is coming up. >>> good morning, i'm andrea fujii live outside of city police headquarters. there's new information about the detective accused of abusing his god daughter. >>> maryland lawmakers are poised to raise the state's alcohol tax. >>> good morning, i'm kristy breslin in wjz traffic control. >>'s a new accident and a water main break that could cause icy conditions. >>> he's the author of diary of a wimpy kid series. this is his second book that's getting ready to hit the silver screen. he's never quit his day job. he has a day job. you stay tuned, after this. ,, >>> it's friday! >>> it's a chilly day's start. [ very low audio] >>> it's going to be an easy day. >> this is wet snow. how's it going to affect your neighborhood? the details are coming up shortly. how's it going to affect your drive. >> we have the water main break at baltimore city. that has northern parkway closed also. take cold spr
in the u.s.. several say it unfatherly targets muslims. >> reporter: he's standing by his decision to focus on one group. he says that the hearings are essential to combating home grown terror especially will al- qaeda trying to recruit muslim americans. the president's national security adviser says that al- qaeda is attempting to radicalize the community. >> reporter: fellow will bees are coming the, fellow republicans are coming to his defense. >> this is focused on an issue we've got to be aware of. it's something facing us and providing a threat to the people. >> reporter: the attorney general warns against alean ating this group. >> tips we've received has been critical to the efforts of disrupting the plots. >> reporter: muslims shouldn't be threatened he says. if there's any an moss -- animosity, row pone nebraskas -- opponents should be to blame. >>> another high level meeting will be held at the white house today. this is new video in from libya. this is the eastern port town that's been the center of violence for days. the obama administration is opposed to setting up a no fly zo
, following the second explosion in two days. it didn't create a massive radiation leak. u.s. war ships and planes temporarily moved away from the area as a precaution. crews have been desperately trying to avoid a nuclear meltdown at the facility since it was damaged friday. over the weekend they dumped sea water into the reactors to try to cool them down. more than 180,000 residents were evacuated and had to be scanned for radiation before entering shelters. across the northeast coast, more than 10,000 people are believed to be dead from the magnitude 9 quake and tsunami. dramatic video captured violent waves that slammed ashore, wiping out entire villages. >> since the massive earthquake three days ago, after shocks continue to rattle the region, 12 to 15 per hour, some more than 6.0 in magnitude. there are stories of survival, crews rescued this 60-year-old man who was clinging to what was left of his roof. this man also made it out alive. >> i thought i was dying when i was pushed into the water he says but with thoughts of my family i decided to make every effort to survive. but f
wants and it's not helping the people there. that's what we want. >> reporter: 80% of the u.s. population lives within a two hour flight of atlanta. atlanta's hub says that because of that, they'll start the flights later on this year. back to you. >>> thank you, kai jackson. the first flights won't leave until the end of the year or next year. >> it's a proud morning for barbara mikulski. she's the longest serving woman in the history of the u.s. senate. others are billie holiday and coretta scott king. >>> this is a video from bourbon street. this was one of the largest celebrations in years. it brought in $300 million. carnival ended at midnight for ash wednesday. that marks the beginning of lent for christians around the world. >>> turning to sports orioles are preparing for two games today. half of the team plays minnesota and the other part of the team plays boston. pitching struggled. brian matusz allowed two runs. >>> in a month, the orioles play their first game against the detroit tigers. you can watch the game live here on wjz. our coverage starts at 2 :00 p.m.. >>>
ever since and are now asking the u.s. for help. >> in particular they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water in other resources to ensure that the reactors continued to be cooled. >> reporter: fears of a full blown melt down have spread to tokyo. officials there have detected low levels of radiation and the shifting winds threatens to push it further. even without a possible nuclear disaster, japan is facing worst crisis, the death toll jumped today to more than 2400 confirmed dead. but officials warn that number is likely to top 10,000. now the country faces an economic crisis as well. this morning japanese stocks plummeted more than 10%. in japan, charlie at wjz eyewitness news. >> trace amounts of radiation in tokyo are below levels. the economic impact, here is a closer look at the markets. it closed down more than 10% and things could have been much worse. some stocks reached their down limit over night meaning they weren't allowed to drop further. stay with wjz for complete coverage for disaster in japan. for amore updates click on news and the
of tripoli. terrell brown reports and the u.s. is denying civilians have been killed. >> reporter: traces of air fire light the night sky. there are reports that forces have hit qaddafi's compound. rebels are confident they'll take the city. >> this is a matter of time. time only. after, only, maybe one day -- this tank will surrender. >> reporter: also, they bombed misrata. secretary of state hillary clinton says that qaddafi has the power to stop all of this. >> the quickest way for him to end this is to serve the libyan people by leaving. >> reporter: the white house has stated that qaddafi must go. and the un resolution calls for the protection of the people. not a regime change. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner stated, a united nation's security council resolution doesn't substitute for a strategy. robert gates says that the u.s. could turn the control of the operation over saturday. the terms are still being discussed by nato allies. the rest of the countries are up in the air. >>> and the white house says that the president hasn't ruled out an address to the nation on the si
air strikes, the u.s. gets ready to back off the lead role. that's coming up. >>> good morning, i'm andrea fujii live outside of baltimore county police headquarters. the detectives are trying to find out who left a 16-year-old to die on his own front steps. we'll have an update on the investigation ahead. >>> i'm doing this for my fans. i could care less what anyone else thinks. >> reporter: chris brown is accused of throwing a violent tantrum. >>> good morning, i'm kristy breslin in traffic control. the rain is causing accidents. 'll let you know where. >>> he was on "the sopranos." he's making the move to real life crime on investigation discovery. plus, how a wedding got him his most famous role. stay tuned, the morning edition continues after this. ,,,,,,,, we live in a neighborhood that has a lot of families, which is fantastic, and we'll have them over on friday nights for dinner. so when i shop, i do buy a lot of things at once. it helps me to save money. now at giant, you can save more every time you shop. take advantage of thousands of weekly specials, real deals, 10-for
report. >>> the pressure increases on gadhafi to step down. including from the u.s., we're in washington, that's coming up. >>> i am on a drug, it's called charlie sheen. we'll show it all to you, next on eyewitness news. >>> good morning, i'm kristy breslin in traffic control. minor delays around the beltway and an update on the eastbound 100 accident. >>> project mayhem. he may play for the bills, but aaron haven is a baltimore guy. now, he's given back to baltimore with a celebration to the arts on coffee with. we'll throw problems to the local guy there. not playing before the hometown? maybe we need to know more about it. we'll take a break and come back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: caller steve, go right ahead. steve: yeah, um, i just got a free rate quote on, saved a ton, and it only took me 5 minutes and 12 seconds! steve: i was wondering, is that some sort of record? gecko: that's a good question. let's have a look. curtis: mmmm, not quite. someone's got you beat by 8 seconds.
. [thick accent] >> reporter: the u.s. must lead the response. if gadhafi doesn't step down, hurricane was warned that the u.s.' future could be at stake. >> reporter: at libya's border, chaos is already underway. tens of thousands are desperate to escape the violence. in washington, wjz, eyewitness news. >>> and there are no mediate reports of the casualties from the violence. >>> it's been more than three months since a teen stow away died in boston. the 16-year-old crawled into the wheel well of a jet at the airport in charlotte and then died when the landing gear came down from approach in boston. the official report on how it happened has been sealed by the government. the airport in charlotte has plans to increase the staffing and bolster security there. >>> south west flights are back to normal after a glitch delays hundreds of them. 600 were impacted. the problem appeared to have involved south west ticketing. >>> and a potential disaster near bwi. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. the pilots were moments away from touching down. someone shined
. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. the towson university jr. is with the study abroad program. u.s. officials are make sure no radiation comes with her. she's on her way back to maryland as towson university's study abroad program is canceled for the rests of semester. >> everyone is -- rest of the semester. >> everyone's trying to get out. the roads aren't that big. she was saying that she saw a train that was stopped and it was half over water and half over land. she says there's no food on the shelves. normally, the shelves would be packed with food. >> federalling is city -- federal agencys are watching the cargoes and planes. >> they're planning flight paths that keep the aircrafts away from radioactive clouds that may be out there. they're doing modeling with the nuclear agency and the faa. >> some radiation has been found on bags. not at harmful levs. >> reporter: r -- not at harmful levels. >> reporter: the radiation is predicted to hit california today, but it's far below the harmful levels. president obama reassured american that is any radiation would dissipate before h
. bombings and air strikes are continuing. here's more on what could happen nec. >> reporter: u.s. officials are not planning to lead the mission in libya much longer. >> we expect in a matter of days to turn over the responsibility to overs. >> reporter: the pentagon will hand over the rains to others. the comments came as american warships took out key sites. outside qaddafi's compound, government officials showed off pieces of a rocket. >> why is it here? >> reporter: the officials say it's too early to say what the end game is. they're declaring success in their efforts. >> we judge the strikes to be effective. >> reporter: officials maintain that qaddafi is not a target. it's clear they want him out of power. he's firing back with threats of a long war. in washington, wjz, eyewitness news. >>> and after his pledge of a long war, oil prices jumped back overnight. >>> in japan, a group of workers cooling down a nuclear facility are removed from it. gray smoke is rising in the air from the reactor. an 80-year-old woman is recovering after being rescued along with her teen grandson nine day
the u.s. supply arms to them. also, libyan's for minister has popped new london, england this morning. what he'ss,,,,,,,,,, switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
's mission in libya is working. he'll deliver a nationally televised speech. at least one u.s. warship is reportedly leaving the region. >> i think that the military mission has gone well. >> reporter: the obama administration touted progress. coalition forces hit targets in tripoli and qaddafi's hometown. the rebel forces have been able to push west and regain control. the president's speech comes amid-growing complaints. critics say he never asked for approval before taking action. he still hasn't given them a clear plan. >> this is characterised by delay. there's a plan for what the onlitives were and a debate about why this was in the interest. >> reporter: gates admits that libya doesn't pose an impact on america, but it could impact countries that could impact the united states. >> you'll hear the address live here at 7:30. >>> now, to japan, the news is getting worse 150 miles north of tokyo. the situation is desperate. there are fresh concerns about how the disaster is impacting us here. wjz and andrea fujii are bringing us up to date. >> reporter: the testing of rain water has
. >>> the shooting comes as protests rage elsewhere in the country. the u.s. committee is preparing to open hearings on terrorism later on this week. pete king is saying that what he wants to find out is how to prevent muslims from being radicalized. >>> two good samaritans are run over. this man is accused of stealing a truck over the weekend. two workers tried to stop him, they were run over. one died and the other is hospitalized. >>> happening today, the site that a serial rapes thought he would never see. a judge looked him eye to eye. gigi explains he's wanted for crimes here in maryland. >> reporter: good morning, jessica and everyone. the rapes will appear in court in a few hours. the police say he tried to kill himself to avoid it. >> reporter: the police say this the east coast rapist is in a jail cell two days after attempting suicide. the 39-year-old tried to hang himself saturday after being arrested in new haven. now, he's said to undergo a psychiatric investigation. >> we're proud of the investigation and we hope that the arrest brings closure to the victims. >> reporter: he's an unem
of cash and assist the opposition and work with other nations. >> reporter: the u.s. has spent half a billion dollars in libya and nearly $300 million on missiles alone. >>> we have a developing story involving a kill squad in afghanistan. rolling stone magazine pub established the investigation of soldiers murdering five unarmed afghan men. they're accused of cutting off their pinkies for momentums. >>> an air traffic controller is 5:00 of killing his wife. according to the court documents, he had a motive, a half a million dollars life insurance policy. >>> prepare to travel with more coins in your cup holder. tolls are about to get more expensive. andrea fujii is live at the fort mchenry toll plaza. >> reporter: the toll increases are being proposed for this year and the next five years. the first hike will be 27%. it seems like everything cost more these days. driving is no acception. the maryland transportation authority needs another $70 million to maintain the roads and pay for improvements. >> in order to do that, we're looking for increases that could be in effect this octo
's the second largest jump in u.s. history. >> gas is really expensive now. >> reporter: experts say we haven't seen anything yet. >> i think an easy $4. that's already there in california. i wouldn't be surprised to see this get close tore-- closer to 5:00. >> reporter: most of what's happening is because of the crisis in lib ya. reb bells continue to clash with the gadhafi military. there's concern what will a tonight oil libya exports. >> right now the market is concluding that the turmoil in the middle east is far from over. it's going to spread oar the white house is considering its options including tapping into the country's strategic oil reserve and an emergency stockpile. >> we are in discussions with oil-producing companies as well as the iea about the various options that are available in the global system to deal with a major disruption should that occur. >> reporter: higher gas prices are driving up regular prices elsewhere make food more expensive, also airline fares. southwest is tacking on an extra $10 just like many other airlines did last week. >> reporter: while opec will u
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